The current supply chains of cotton are degenerative and unsustainable.

We took on the challenge to recycle cotton multiple times and retain and create value in each recycling step. As our final step, we want to return the raw material safely to the biosphere as a nutrition after which a new cascade can begin:

A continuous cycle in the form of regenerative cotton cascades.



Acceleration Event Recap

On Nov. 24, the Acceleration Event took place in Den Bosch. During this event, the results of the Circular Cotton…

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Design of the cascade


Values and impact

Collaborative business models

Collaborative business models

Design Research in four modules

Multiple partners join forces in this research project to design, test and create a cascade model for regenerative cotton.

The project consortium explores both

  • the technical feasibility of the cotton fibre and
  • ways to develop collaborative business models

We have created four modules as a proof-of-concept. Results from each module serve as input for following modules and we ensure constant evaluation andrevision between the different modules.

Knowledge and skills are shared in an iterative process of trial-and-error, creating a coherent framework.

“One finger
cannot lift
a pebble”

Hopi proverb


GVK Society

GVK Society

Grameena Vikas Kendram is a Indian non-profit organisation that blends entrepreneurship with social responsibility. They strive for upliftment of small and marginal farming communities, tribals and women in India.

Aadya FPC

Aadya Farmer Producer Company (Aadya FPC) is an Indian Farmer Producer Company for and by Indian smallholder farmers.


Yasasree Viroha

Yasasree Viroha is an Indian Pvt Ltd working towards creating sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers.

Yassasree B.V.

Yassasree B.V. envisions a future in which circular value chains become mainstream, and reach out to the market to enhance circularity in the cotton value chain.



It is HAVEP’s mission to make possible, what seems impossible. HAVEP is a family based company with a history of nearly 160 years in the production of clothing and textiles.



Tomorrow, now. CWS is the leading provider of washroom solutions. Circular economy is the core of the CWS Group’s business model.



Sustainable & social down to every fiber. I-DID helps guide people to work, while at the same time clearing the textile mountain.



Sympany collects textiles in all shapes and sizes. Their mission is to contribute to a sustainable world by creating a circular textile chain.


Sympact Solutions

We act to create circular impact. Sympact Solutions develops and implements new circular products and concepts, based on non-wearable textile waste. Scalable and with proven impact.



UPSET & parntners are bringing a unique textile recycling process aiming a 100% recycling with minimal loss of quality to the market


Avans University

Avans University of Applied Sciences: Centre of Expertise Wellbeing Economy and New Entrepreneurship.



Making the impact of your textiles transparent. bAwear helps to easily calculate, validate and communicate the environmental impact of textile products.


MVO Nederland

MVO Nederland drives the transition to a sustainable economy with the largest entrepreneurial movement in Europe.

This research project has been granted a RAAK-mkb subsidy by Regieorgaan SIA. Regiorgaan SIA encourages the professionalisation and strengthens the quality of applied research in universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands carry out applied research which arises from issues or problems in practice. Initator: Yassasree B.V. as part of the @GVKSociety. Project lead: Avans University of Applied Science.

Read about the project on the SIA website (Dutch)